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#1 Personal Trainers In Stoke on Trent

+ Apex Gym Team


‘It's not

a hobby, 

it's a



Apex-Gym is owned and managed by Andrew Brown. Andrew’s path to fitness had a rocky start because he was 6’ 3”, seriously underweight

and had a poor relationship with food and a

poor appetite. Feeling embarrassed about

his appearance in his teens, he started weight training when he was 17. At the start of his journey he was 60kg, whereas now he is

around 100kg and much fitter and athletic!


The success of the gym is all about working together as a team. Andrew has created an experienced and effective team to support you in achieving your goals at Apex-Gym.

Our team of experienced, trained and friendly staff are always available to help, they are very passionate and take pride in helping others achieve their goals, whether that is weight loss, muscle gain or just wanting to feel and look better yourself.

We are lucky to be the home of the best personal trainers in Stoke on Trent, ready to help you succeed.



Helping people to enjoy exercise, build confidence and find training styles that are effective and achieve results has become my passion.

If you want to make changes in your life, then only you can make them happen. That's what I found in 2012 when I started my own personal fitness journey. I'd been gaining weight throughout my early 20's, eating too much and having a desk bound job with virtually no exercise or activity. I decided to hit the gym and was spending hours every week doing cardio, but I wasn't getting the results or the toned body I had hoped for. Eventually I hired a personal trainer which turned out to be the best thing I have ever done. My personal trainer taught me so much about exercise and nutrition, helping me to understand that I didn't need to spend hours each week to achieve the fit, toned and healthy body I wanted. This inspired me become a qualified personal trainer - so that now, I help others realise their goals.

I'm a Level 4 personal trainer and nutrition coach with over five years full time personal training experience.

  • Want to look great for that upcoming holiday or wedding?

  • Need the extra push to stay on top of your current fitness routine?

  • Have no idea where to start when it comes to getting fit?

Great news - I can help you.

I'll provide you with:

  • Motivation and encouragement.

  • Ensure safe and proper technique.

  • Establish the necessary exercise and training intensity to get the most out of each session

  • Help you on your way to getting the results you want.


Why not make an appointment for a training session now? Contact the gym or book via Katies personal training site.




I am proud to be one of the newest additions to the personal training team here at Apex gym.

I completed my degree in sports coaching, and I’ve worked around the world on cruise ships as part of the sports team and as a coach within many different sports.

My specialisms are:

  • muscle growth and development.

  • weight loss.

  • nutritional support.

  • performance progressions.

As a personal trainer I pride myself on my up-to-date coaching and training methods and I'm a firm believer that knowledge is power!

Check out Mike's Personal Training Page Here




I’m a Mum of four small children, so I know what it’s like to juggle family life with getting fit and keeping your fitness at the right level. I’ve worked at Apex Gym since the gym opened in 2019.

It’s long been noted that going to the gym is as much about mental health and well-being and not just about being good for you physically. At Apex Gym we foster an atmosphere and environment that encourages friendship and making our clients feel comfortable, safe and proud to train.

Simply having a friendly, approachable smile from behind the reception desk from me, I hope to make you feel a part of the Apex community.

See you soon!



Hi I’m Harry,

I’ve been a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer for over 4 years now and have hands on experience training myself in both powerlifting and bodybuilding for over 10 years.

I originally got into weight training because I was bullied for being really short and skinny as a teenager, so I wanted to be bigger. It took a while and I’m still not there yet, but I quickly became obsessed with improving both in my performance and visually. Now I find it helps me massively with my mental health and also gives me one aspect in life that I’ll always be improving in.

As a personal trainer I love my job, I find it so rewarding when clients improve, hit their goals and overcome personal challenges. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing smiles on their faces as they start achieving what they set out to. With clients I give them as much help as they need and am here to support them through their whole fitness journey.

I offer a variety of services including personal training, workout programming, online coaching and dietary advice. But most importantly I like to train and keep fitnes
s fun and engaging!

Check Harry's Personal Training Page Here.


"I've been a member of Apex Gym for over a year now, and recently decided to go with one of the personal trainers at Apex to help me reach my goals. I can already tell the difference, and my workouts feel more focused. Would highly reccomend the Apex PT's if you're after a personal trainer in Stoke on Trent"

- Jack

“Weight training is more than just vanity. It's therapy, mental aid. Apex is not just a gym

full of weights, it's a place

to cleanse your mind, reset your mood, de stress from 

the pressures of your everyday life. The gym I’ve built is filled with likeminded people, full of culture and diversity but

one team and one community.”

Andrew Brown, Owner Apex-Gym

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