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APEX GYM Stoke on Trent 


Welcome to Apex Gym. A community driven gym in Tunstall. We help people like you to achieve your fitness dreams in a fun, dynamic and modern environment.

Our Stoke on Trent gym caters for all fitness goals whether you want to lose weight, train for an endurance event, or maybe train for a bodybuilding competition. Some people just come along to enjoy what a decent level of fitness gives them to be more confident in life. We are a club, and we look forward to welcoming you to our fitness family.


We also have a wide range of cardiovascular and functional equipment as well as a 45kg punch bag.

The gym is based in Tunstall near to plentiful parking with cutting edge facilities and a friendly club atmosphere.


Sign up TODAY or get in touch with one of our team members to discuss your new gym membership options.

We can proudly say our Tunstall Gym is home to some of the best equipment in the whole of the UK. Handmade specialist Panatta machines straight from Italy, made to order, offering peak levels of comfort and performance.

No other gym in Stoke on Trent has the same level of equipment, witht the perfectly matched workout enviroment.

Forgot your headphones? No problem, we don't play your standard commercial gym CD's around here. Our Spotify playlists shuffle through a mix of rock, hip hop, rap, and house music to keep you in the zone.

Take a look at some of the gym photos and find out more about what its like to workout at Apex Gym, by clicking the buttom below.



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Besides being the best gym in Stoke on Trent, we also have a fantastic fitness store based at the reception. Grab a quick pre workout shot, or tuck in to a post workout meal. We sell a range of fitness products including:

  • Clothing and leisure wear which includes t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, towels, water bottles and much more.

  • Frozen – including Pots of Gold nutritionally balanced ready meals, nutritional supplements, protein shakes, and more.

  • Café – Reign body fuel, hot and cold drinks, snacks and fuel bars.

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Our Team

There are times when we all need some extra motivation to reach our goals. Lucky for you, we have several of the top PT's in Stoke on Trent just waiting to work with you.


Our personal trainers all have different experience with some specialising in weight loss, some in bodybuilding and some in pure fitness. We can match you to the perfect trainer who matches your style and personality.

Your PT will work with you one-to-one to identify your specific goals and provide a specific and detailed programme for you to work through to achieve your goals.

Find out more about our team and their specialisms by clicking the button below, or pop down to our Tunstall gym for a chat.



Relax and unwind before or after your session in our members lounge. You can grab a drink or a bite to eat and enjoy the company of like-minded people.

Feel free to browse through the selection of latest fitness magazines whilst you're waiting for that friend who's always late!


Our staff are always happy to offer general nutritional advice. However, if you want something more in depth and personalised, we can offer support as part of your fitness programme. These programmes can offer nutritional advice and plans to suit your

goals and lifestyle. This is an ongoing part

of any programme you follow with your

fitness coach. 




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